Terms & Condition

The terms of services specified below comprise of a legal and enforceable agreement between downloadmyappz and you.

Here in this document we have mentioned detailed Terms & Conditions that’s the base of obligations between (“we”, “our”) downloadmyappz and you (“visitor”, “customer”). So, we request you to read this entire document in order to get better understanding of our procedures & plans. Your registration with the services of downloadmyappz.com will be proceeded after you approve to all the terms and conditions mentioned here. These terms indicate the key requisites of using the services or accessing the website of downloadmyappz.com. It is essential to read these terms and conditions in detail in order to use the services plans that are offered by downloadmyappz to you. In order to proceed further, you need to click ‘I agree’ or ‘Agree’ button if and only if you agree to the terms specified by downloadmyappz. You can only access our services if and only if you subscribe to any of Downloadmyappz plans and offers. These plans and offers are for limited period only. downloadmyappz is not entitled to refund fees, if you fail to use or access the services during subscription period. Take a detailed study of our terms below:

The minimum age of the user must be 18 years in order to use the services. A human being can only access the services of downloadmyappz.

downloadmyappz reserves the right of offering solutions and services for the softwares and issues listed on the portal of downloadmyappz. Any services, solutions, issues apart from the specified ones do not come under the scope of downloadmyappz.

downloadmyappz provides services and solutions to the users via email, chat and phone. We do not provide any services via onsite module.

downloadmyappz does not give any warranty on software and hardware under the plan.

downloadmyappz is also not legally responsible for any security obligations of users. In case of any loss or damage of user in terms of username and password, the company is not entitled or liable for the same. Users are advised not to pass on or share their personal credentials such as username, password, etc with anyone.

downloadmyappz does not hold any responsibility for the damages or losses occurring indirectly or directly due to any rejection of transactions.

You agree that if there is any case where downloadmyappz.com is held responsible for any cause, then in no circumstance the liability of downloadmyappz.com will be greater than the sum paid to GPS Customer Support for services purchased. Also, we disclaim any responsibility for any kinds of charges that may apply on your card in case it gets declined when making the transaction for causes such as “short on funds” etc. downloadmyappz.com can anytime modify, review or alter the terms and conditions as is given here and the same continuously be updated on our website.