Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how our company uses and discloses personal and other information received by them in connection with the support services provided to the user.

Collection of Information:

There are various methods by which o we collect user information. This information is all protected by the privacy policy of our company and will not be released to any third party vendor at any cost.

Privacy statement:

Our Company is committed to protecting a customer’s privacy. We will only ask for that information by the customer which is essential to process your order in a systematic manner. We will never share any of your personal information with any third party vendor without your consent.


All personal information, such as your name, phone number, postal and e-mail address is considered to be private and confidential. This personal information that you provide us is stored in a secure location which can be accessed by the authorized staff only. It is only used if you give us permission to use it.

Non-Disclosure of Information:

We will not reveal any of your Personal Information to any third party vendor without your consent. If we need to disclose your Information it will be with your consent and will be done precisely explaining what information we need to disclose, the entity to which we wish to disclose it, and the reason for the disclosure.

General tracking information is incognito. We have no way to locate the information obtained by your use of the service.


We employ present security methods to prevent unauthorized access and maintain data accuracy. Your personal data will be stored within a database that is situated behind a firewall for added security. Only the authorized employees can access the data centre and the particular server housing the database.