Garmin DriveAssist

Garmin DriveAssist

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Garmin DriveAssist would be the most reliable GPS for you which has advanced navigation system and built-in dash cam. Garmin DriveAssist is the portable device with lots of features. It doesn’t take up too space on your windshield and delivers you an outstanding view on the road. Garmin DriveAssist is portable which makes the device less distractive when you are driving on the road. Garmin Drive Assist has two microSD card slots which give access to save the recorded footage from the dash cam. Garmin DriveAssist has 5-inch capacitive touch-screen display which is bright and clear. The display shows you clearly the maps and your destination’s time and distance remaining. Customers were impressed to see the navigation system of this device. The navigation system of this device is pretty easy to use. The large icons in the display make your trip awesome, and it directs you the straight forward route to your destination. It also assists you in the lane and shows you what lane you need is on the unfamiliar roads.

What makes Garmin DriveAssist best for you?

The dash cam of the Garmin DriveAssist makes it best for accidental prone areas. The dash cam on the rear of the device can sway you out from accident cases. The dash cam of the device records and save the video with exact GPS coordinates at the time of impact, so you can obtain the evidence that you are innocent. The recorded video can be downloaded to your smart phone via the Garmin app.

Leading Features Garmin DriveAssist

Smartphone Notifications:

Garmin DriveAssist can connect to your smart phone and provide you instructions through your phone, so you can have hands-free conversation while driving on a road. Connect your smart phone to the Garmin DriveAssist with the help of Bluetooth and receive your messages, notifications, emails and reminder on the display of the GPS. Control your GPS device with just few commands, so you can use the navigator and read texts without touching it.


Presently, you don’t need to pay extra for the dash cam, Garmin launched Garmin DriveAssist with a built-in dashcam. The dashcam features including video recording and wide camera lens. The dashcam allows you access to save the time and location of the accident happened with you. The G-sensor is one of the key features to recognize the collision and sudden braking which automatically saves the video of an incident happens with you. However, Garmin DriveAssist dash cam offers you various features as below:

Real Vision: Garmin DriveAssist provides you a real view of the street when you are reaching your destination.
Lane Warning: When you are driving in an illegal lane, the device executes a warning.
Go Alert: When a traffic light turns to green, the device delivers you a go alert.
Collision Warning: When your car is extremely close to another car, the device announces an audible warning.

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Common issues and fix for Garmin DriveAssist

Garmin Doesn’t Recognize As Removable Device:

  • Make sure the version of your windows computer is compatible with MTP(Media Transfer Protocol).
  • If your Windows is not compatible with MTP, the device appears as a portable device on the computer.
    Note: MTP mode is supported by Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Garmin Doesn’t Recognize as Portable Device:

  • Garmin Drive GPS connects using USB storage mode.
  • In USB storage mode, the device appears as a removable drive.
  • USB storage mode works in Windows XP version.
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Models of Garmin DriveAssist

  • Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT
  • Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT-D
  • Garmin DriveAssist 60LMT
  • Garmin DriveAssist 60LMT-D
  • Garmin DriveAssist 51LMT-S
  • Garmin DriveAssist 51LMT-D
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